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Membership has its perks. The Authentic Living Membership Site has lots of free access resources, including:

lots of free access resources, including:


Charting Your Course – Instructions and worksheets to define your vision

Your One, Precious Life – Living a Life You Love – articles and videos to help you define and manifest your dream life
Rock On: Five Secrets to Find Fulfillment and Thrive at Any Age

a 10-page guide to help you figure out what you want and make sure you get it


Abundance Assessments – charts to help you identify your level of abundance in various areas of you life

The Peace Process – an exercise to give yourself an inner sense of peace, no matter what is happening around you


Interactive, dynamic workshop
 Living Life Full Spectrum: The Workshop – an interactive, dynamic workshop to identify your vision, test it and discover how to manifest it

Also featured on the Membership Site are recent blog posts, invitations to live Q&A calls, discounts on all webinars and workshops, and links to various resources. And it’s FREE. What? Yes, all of that and more at no cost to you.



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