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Interactive, dynamic workshop

Living Life Full Spectrum is a workshop webinar, accompanied by a study guide and exercises. It can be accessed on demand. If you would like to enroll in this workshop, just click on the following link:


Hillsboro Professional Development Meetup

For those living in the Portland, Oregon metro area, this Meetup Group provides the opportunity to explore areas of expertise in the professions and business in general. A 3-question survey gives everyone the opportunity to identify which areas are most important to learn about, and which areas they already have expertise in. As the Meetup Organizer, we set up the monthly meetings according to Member priorities and bring in Members, if they are willing, to lend their expertise to the presentations.


Hillsboro Professional Development Meetup

Hillsboro, OR
116 Members

Let’s get together to support each other in professional development, whether it’s starting something new or expanding. As we learn the needs of our members, programs will be …

Next Meetup

Meetup for Hillsboro Professional Development — Topic is ED…

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017, 6:00 PM
4 Attending

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Individual & Group Coaching: 


Sign up now to enroll in for DreamBuilder Coaching as an individual or as part of a group. Up to five people can enroll to participate in the groups. Weekly sessions include:

  • Instruction CDs (or MP3s) for each week
  • Workbook to accompany each week’s session
  • Live call to include further instruction and Q&A time with Certified Transformational Life Coach, Pamela Brown Wilkinson

The session descriptions for all 12 weeks are:

Week 1 Defining Your Dream; “sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video hereStep 1
Week 2 Testing Your Dream; “sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video hereStep 2
Week 3 Increasing Your Sense of Deserving; “sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video hereStep 3
Week 4 Befriending Your Fear; “sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video here: Step 4
Week 5 Activating the Law of Circulation Through Giving;“sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video here: Step 5
Week 6 Changing Your Perception;“sneak peek” Facebook LIVE video hereStep 6
Week 7 Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness; Step 6
Week 8 Listening to the Still, Small Voice
Week 9 Creating a Support System
Week 10 Training Your Mind 
Week 11 Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone 
Week 12 Harvesting Your Dream 

Conscious-Aging Workshops

An 8-week workshop series offered in various locations and through various groups around the United States.  

As a Certified Facilitator of the Conscious Aging Workshop, Pamela Brown Wilkinson will be offering workshops in various locations in Oregon. Please use the Contact Form on this website to inquire about specifics.

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