Make time for yourself!

Fun isn’t something that is given or done to you, it is something that you allow yourself to experience. – Madisyn Taylor

Having a grandson has reminded me of how much fun it is to be a kid. At almost 3 years old, he is curious about everything and loves it when we play imaginary games. Usually, he is the Fire Chief (he has a jacket and helmet) and we are trying to rescue people. He also loves to play hide-and-seek and climb and run and… and… and…

I’m sitting in front of my computer right now and considering taking my own advice. I want to allow myself to experience fun! For some reason I’m not giving myself permission, though.  I have all these tasks to get done before I can even consider relaxing for a while. And having fun? Sadly, I’ve forgotten how. Have you?

Here are a few tips to help you LEARN to have fun again:

  1. Make a list of everything you can think of that you thought was fun at some point in your life.

Now, try not to censor this list AT ALL. Write everything down, especially if it seems silly. The circle 2 things that seem the most fun to you and set aside time this week to do them. Here are some things on my list:

  • Play hopscotch
  • Swing on a swing set
  • Take off my shoes and walk across the grass barefoot
  • Sing and play my guitar
  • Dance
  • Take photographs of nature
  • Read an escape novel
  • Hike in the woods

What’s on your list?  Share below in the comments section!

2. Give yourself permission

No matter what you have to do this day or this week, give yourself permission to intersperse it with some fun. If you need a justification, just rationalize this fun time as rejuvenation time. And if you are still unwilling to give yourself permission, then you may have to get bossy about it. Talk to a friend or relative who knows you well and ask them to keep you accountable.

3. Make a plan

Make a plan to include at least 2 times this week to a fun activity. You get to choose, but you don’t get to skip it!

4.  Journal about your experiences

Write about how it felt to give yourself some time to have fun. Is there anything you would do differently? Did you notice a change in your attitude either during or after your experience? Did you have trouble sticking to your plan?  What did that feel like?

If you were balking at taking the time to have fun, imagine yourself calling up that friend or relative who is keeping your accountable and then imagine what they would say to you.

Fun is whatever you want it to be: recreation, relaxation, adventure. Simply put, fun is doing something for no other reason except it brings you joy.   – Hilary Barnett

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