Making Room for What is Coming

 Okay … so you have your dream, your vision of a life you would love. Why is it so difficult to manifest that dream? Six things need to change before you are ready to fully live that new life: Shift Your Perception Increase Your Sense of Deserving Face Your Fears Feed Your Faith Increase Your […]

Finding Your Purpose

 Purpose gives our life meaning. When you discover your purpose, you can live your life with intention and make choices that serve your objective for why you are here on the planet. Finding your purpose is not always easy. You must embrace life wholeheartedly, explore many different pathways, and allow yourself to grow. Madison Taylor […]

Telling Your Truth

Trusting myself has always been a struggle. I can’t remember a time growing up when I actually trusted myself more than I trusted those around me. I somehow thought that others knew more than I did. That I was somehow flawed. Telling my truth and living my truth was scary! It was so scary that […]

Circumstances Keeping You Stuck?

Often we think the circumstances in our lives are preventing us from moving forward.  Not enough time. Not enough money. Too old. Too young. Don’t have the skills or education.  Any of those sound familiar?  What beliefs are keeping you stuck? The words we use when we think about ourselves are very powerful. Catch yourself. […]

Make time for yourself!

Fun isn’t something that is given or done to you, it is something that you allow yourself to experience. – Madisyn Taylor Having a grandson has reminded me of how much fun it is to be a kid. At almost 3 years old, he is curious about everything and loves it when we play imaginary games. […]

Dealing with emotional overwhelm

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about depression, which seems to be a prevailing mood right now for many people. The other emotion that causes stress for many people right now is overwhelm. “Stop the World I Want to Get Off!” is the title of a musical from the 1960’s and the […]

Dealing With Depression

FEELING DEPRESSED? What can you do about it? Does it feel like a black cloud is always overhead, even when it’s sunny outside? Are you feeling unmotivated even when a good opportunity comes along? Do you feel hopeless — like nothing is going to get better? Imagine now that you discover how to change that […]

Do you have a plan?

Does this resemble the twists and turns of your life? It looks chaotic, doesn’t it? My life definitely looked like that up until about 10 years ago (2007), when my awareness expanded and I realized something was seriously wrong. Whose life was I living, anyway” Truthfully, I hadn’t thought anything about life planning yet.  I just knew that I hadn’t […]

Can you create your own destiny?

“Your destiny may be waiting for you, but whether or not you meet your destiny is up to you.”     – Madisyn Taylor Some religions preach that our lives are pre-ordained. Followers accept that their lives are given over to a force greater than themselves — one that has determined their path and their destination. […]