On Gratitude

I recently posted 30 quotes (1 per day for 30 days) on two Facebook pages that I manage. All of them have the theme of gratitude. In case you didn’t see them or would like to have another look, I have created a slideshow for you: Slideshow: Quotes on Gratitude   Enjoy!

Declaring Our Intentions

Okay, be honest!  How do you like the “New Years Resolutions” phrase? Do you shun the idea because your resolutions haven’t stuck in the past? Do you welcome the symbol of another chance to begin again and really make the changes you’ve been hoping for?   Many people feel stuck in their circumstances but haven’t succeeded […]

The Power of “Yes”

Until we make a decision and say “yes” to it, we can’t move towards it. It’s as simple (and difficult) as that! Typically, we go through the day picking and choosing what we like and what we don’t like. We are slaves to our past experiences, making decisions without truly examining our options. If we […]

The Phenomenon of Synchronicity

Things happen in our lives for a reason, even if that reason is not clear to you right away.” Madison Taylor, DailyOM Synchronicity is a noun defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” Perhaps you are aware of an occurrence of synchronicity in your life. More […]

Transforming Consciousness

What is meant by “consciousness” and why would we want to transform it? Consciousness isn’t just our thoughts. It doesn’t just arise from the cognitive processes occurring mechanically in our brains. Consciousness includes our gut feelings, our emotions, our beliefs. It’s difficult to define like it is difficult to define the law of gravity, yet […]

Spending Time

If you are not satisfied with your life right now, you need to look at how you are spending your time, because how you spend your time IS YOUR LIFE. Most of us feel like we don’t have enough time. We feel stressed out, worried, overwhelmed by the demands of our day-to-day life. If we […]